Shinning Stars | Pakistani novelist bags literary award at Indian Literature Festival

Pakistani novelist Shazaf Fatima Haider secured Children’s Choice Award at the Indian Literature Festival last month.

Making Pakistan proud, novelist Shazaf Fatima Haider bagged literature award at an Indian literary festival. While our country has a dying reading culture that desperately needs to be revived, it is extremely pleasant to see our national stars making their presence felt on international platforms.

The novelist won Peek a Book Children Festival’s prize in India for her book ‘A Firefly In The Dark‘. The jury comprised of 13 to 15 year olds who loved her story.

Speaking about her achievement, Shazaf said she was overwhelmed by the praises and love she received from the children. She was thrilled that they admired and enjoyed her work so much.

“So Firefly has won the Peek a Book Children Festival’s prize. The jurors are 13, 14 and 15 years old and that just makes my day. Very thrilled that children and pre-adults are liking Sharmeen and Jugnu and the stories of the Jinn” – she said via her social media profile.

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She went on sharing the heartwarming comments she got. And we bet, it must have felt better than the award itself.

‘‘This book was really fascinating because it involved so many myths and so much magic in it. Was a really satisfying read.’ Fatema Tambawalla.” – she shared the comments. 

”I loved the premise and the narrative. The story was scary, full of suspense and very well told. I loved the characters, especially the girl and Jugnu. It was a book that showed adults as flawed and capable of cruelty and bad choices, something not seen often in children’s books” – she shared another comment from the judge.

”And the last juror, aged 13, said: Clearly the winner! Even though I got a bit creeped out reading it in bed at night I couldn’t put it down. Samina Bandukwala, 13 years”

It is heartwarming to see Sahzaf enjoying the appreciation, well-deserved, she received on her work. We extend our congratulations and best wishes, hoping to see her represent Pakistan on other significant international platforms as well.

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