Shireen Mazari Fails to Defend Pakistan’s Silence Over The Plight of Uighur Muslims [Video]

The British journalist read a quote of Imam Hussain from Shireen Mazari's twitter to set off the debate.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s critics have, most of the time, called him out over his silence over the plight of Uighurs Muslims.

Recently, Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, had a tough time on a foreign TV show defending her government’s silence over the blatant violations of human rights in China. The human rights minister was on the receiving end of tough questions from British journalist Mehdi Hasan.

The British journalist read a quote of Imam Hussain from Shireen Mazari’s twitter to set off the debate.

“There’s a quote on your Twitter profile page from the great Muslim leader and the grandson of the prophet, Imam Hussain, that reads ‘those who are silent when others are oppressed, are guilty of oppression themselves’,” Mehdi Hasan said.

The British journalist then mentioned Pakistan’s silence over the human rights violation in China. He also mentioned PM Khan’s statement of not criticizing the Chinese government on it publicly.

“Couldn’t the Uighurs say that your silence, Pakistan’s silence, means that you’re guilty of oppressing them too?,” Mehdi Hasan, referring back to Imam Hussain’s quote on Shireen Mazari’s twitter, asked.

Shireen Mazari termed the journalist’s question as absurd, saying that just because we, Pakistan, haven’t publicly criticized them does not mean we side with them. She added that since China is an old ally of Pakistan, so it will not go “screaming on the streets about it.” Responding to another question, the human rights minister said that their government has been in touch with the Chinese government over this issue.

The Al Jazeera TV host then quizzed Ms. Mazari about the Chinese government locking up thousands of Muslims. Finding herself unable to defend the PTI government’s silence over the issue, Shireen Mazari turned her guns towards Mehdi Hasan. The PTI leader expressed her shock over Mehdi Hasan not asking about the Muslims persecution in Europe.

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  • That’s true for many Muslim nations. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh all are silent about the atrocities committed by the Chinese authorities against Uighur Muslims. It’s so pathetic!

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