Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Omar feature together in a sizzling photoshoot

The two stars have enjoyed immense success in their respective fields.

Star cricketer, Shoaib Malik, and actress Ayesha Omar featured in a sizzling photoshoot for OK Pakistan magazine. The two stars have enjoyed immense success in their respective fields.

Shoaib Malik has represented Pakistan for more than two decades and is still going strong. After being initially ruled out from the squad for the T20 World Cup, the veteran cricketer has been included as Sohaib Maqsood’s replacement.

Ayesha Omar on the other hand has also been quite the superstar in Pakistan’s showbiz industry. She has a number of projects waiting to be released. Furthermore, just recently it was announced that she will be playing the female lead in the film about Javed Iqbal, the serial killer, alongside Yasir Hussain.

During the interview with OK Pakistan, the bulbullay star talked about her upcoming projects, her workout regime, eating habits, and much more.

Ayesha Omar’s upcoming projects:

“Currently I am working on a film about Javed Iqbal, the serial killer, alongside Yasir Hussain. It is based on real events. I am also finishing Rehbarah, which we are wrapping up this week. Then Money Back Guarantee has been ready for a year and is InshAllah ready to be released soon. There’s another film which I did with Kamran Shahid, which is about the partition of East Pakistan and West Pakistan, which is also ready to be released. I play a really intense character where I’m a journalist. Then there is another film that I shot in Quetta about the ongoing crisis in Balochistan called Dhai Chaal. So these are the films that are in the process of being released.”

Her workout regime:

“I try and take supplements and eat fruits and vegetables as much as I can. I try and eat a lot of vitamins. If I’m travelling, I’ll walk around as much as I can. I don’t get to work out too much, maybe once or twice a week but I’m trying to make exercise a priority. I also want to fix my sleeping patterns, and start sleeping and waking up early. Right now I think it’s more about my eating habits.”

Her inspiration when it comes to singing:

I’ve learned classical music during my childhood from Ustad Fateh Ali Khan and then from his son Rustam Fateh Ali Khan. Nusrat Fateh Ali was a huge inspiration for me; I love listening to him. Other inspirations have been Abida Parveen, Tina Sani, Nayyara Noor, Iqbal Bano, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Jagjit Singh and many more. Internationally, I’ve grown up listening to a lot of old Pink Floyd and Dave Mathews. I love Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s voice. Madonna is another inspiration – there are so many names and so many inspirations.”

Similarly, Shoaib Malik was also asked about how he maintained himself over the years, eating habits, about the Kashmir Premier League (KPL), experience at Jeeto Pakistan and much more.

Shoaib Malik about his fitness:

Being a professional athlete for so many years, I try to stay disciplined with my life, including my food intake and following a fitness regime, which I try to stick to as much as possible. It is important to be healthy and maintain moderation in your diet and work out.”

His eating habits:

When I’m playing I do tend to eat a little bit of healthy carbs, with protein and fibre. During competition days I eat carbs once a day for sustained energy.”


About the Kashmir Premier League (KPL):

The KPL was a good experience and for a first-time league it was really nice to play there. It was also organised very well. I think it’s unfair to compare any two leagues as each league has its own charm.”

Experience at Jeeto Pakistan:

“I had a really good time at Jeeto Pakistan and it was a lot of fun. The producers, directors and everyone else who was a part of it made it very enjoyable, especially Fahad Mustafa. Hosting is something that I really enjoy and have tried my hand at it; I wouldn’t mind doing it in the future.”

The photoshoot of Ayesha Omar and Shoaib Malik has been going viral on the Internet since yesterday.

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