Shocking! Indian army abuses Kashmiris with threats, electric shocks, forced detentions

  • There have been no atrocities in Kashmir, says Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Davol.
  • The army had not been involved in the operation in Kashmir, he said.
Photo source AP.

Frustration, anger, and fear is growing in Kashmir as BJP’s Government stripped Kashmir of its special constitutional status and severe blockade that follows the August 5 move. Some 3,000 people, most of them young men, have been arrested across the valley according to the Indian Police officials and record reviewed by Associated Press.

The territory claimed by both India and Pakistan is currently passing the worst state of the humanitarian crisis in parts administered by India due to social and communication blockade imposed by state and the clouds of fear prevail there because of the extra presence of military exceeding several hundred thousand.

“They (Indian soldiers) kicked us, hit us with rods and cables and gave us electric shocks. We were asking them, ‘What is our crime?’ They were not ready to hear anything, they didn’t even say anything. They just kept us beating, and beat every part of the body,” alleged victims(two brothers) of worst Indian brutalities in an interview with BBC. They were too scared to reveal their identities as the clouds of further torture were not still over. They also depicted their injuries to the BBC correspondents in a video.

“They hit our backs and legs for three hours. They gave us electric shocks,” told Ahmed – the son of a baker in the village of Parigam, Aljazeera reported. Ahmed also lifted his shirt to show the bruises and signs of torture.

The family of the baker Sonaullah Sofi was asleep when army troops raided his house, took two of his sons and hit his sons with gun butts, iron chains, and sticks. The soldiers brought 10 more young men to the village square, alleged Sofi’s son, as we cried and pleaded for mercy they resort to ruthless beating and forced us to eat dust and drink water from a drain.

In more than 50 interviews done by The Associated Press residents in the dozens of villages of Kashmir told that the military had raided their homes since the abrogation of territory’s special status and consequent blockade within the Muslim majority state.

They told that the Indian soldiers inflicted beatings, forced them to eat dirt, gave them electric shocks, and poisoned their food supplies (mainly rice and other eatables available at home) and also threatened them to take away their females.

According to another report available with BBC, an old man, father of three died because he was taken by the fumes of pepper grenades when came to see what’s happening outside his house. He didn’t get a chance to reach the hospital due to the severity of the effect caused by the grenade fired by soldiers to disperse the protesters. The deceased was the only breadwinner of the family.

The use of pellet guns to disperse the crowds in Kashmir is the practice that has incapacitated several victims especially taking away their eye side. The injuries inflicted because of pellet firings left the victims with severe pain, bleeding from different parts of the body (hit by these pellets).

The history of Indian brutalities is not new to the discussion but the worst humanitarian crisis caused due to the recent blockade of landlines and internet connection and closure of the market activity, and health services have cost much to the unarmed residents of Kashmir – the lone Muslim majority state within India.

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