Gate keeper’s son rapes 4-year-old when he goes to get tennis ball from school building

The culprit is a teenager himself.

Recently, two teenagers have been arrested by the police for allegedly subjecting minors to rape. Both incidents have been reported in Karachi.

Here are the details:

Case # 1

A teenager allegedly raped a four-year-old boy on the premises of a private school in North Nazimabad. According to the FIR lodged on the complaint of the minor’s father, the teenager Sameer, whose father Afsar works as the school’s gatekeeper, raped a four-year-old when the child went inside the school to retrieve his tennis ball.

The complainant, who is a rickshaw driver, said:

We live near the school, and my son was playing outside with other children when his tennis ball went inside the school. On the 29th of August, my wife called me to say that my son was crying relentlessly. I rushed home to find him distressed. After a while, he told us that the watchman’s son – Sameer – had molested him when he entered the school premises to fetch the ball.

Taimuria SHO Farzan said:

Medical examination of the child confirms rape.

Following the confirmation, the case was lodged, and the police officials arrested the accused teenager.

Case # 2

Yesterday, Karachi police arrested an 18-year-old boy for allegedly raping a minor girl in Sarjani Town.

Following the incident, relatives of the 13-year-old girl registered a case against the boy. Police officials have now arrested the rape suspect.

According to the police officials, the boy and the girl were ‘friends’. However, the boy allegedly subjected the minor girl to rape when he called her to meet him.

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