Following the Hafeez Center tragedy, shop owners adjacent to the building increase rents drastically

The fire broke out in the commercial hub on Sunday morning and severely damaged more than 450 shops.

After the Hafeez Centre’s horrific fire incident, shop owners of the adjacent plazas have increased rents many times over.

Speaking to ProPakistani, a computer retailer, Syed Roohan Sajjad, who owns a shop in the Hafiz Centre, said, “Three buildings – IT Tower, Jeff Heights, and Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall have been sought out by the traders who had shops in the burned building. ”

He added, “I, along with other computer retailers, have already given the token money to the Al-Hafeez shopping mall to shift our business there temporarily. However, these plazas have been using the fire incident to their advantage and have increased their shop’s rents by a significant amount.

Sajjad informed that he rented a shop in Jeff Heights two months ago at PKR 13,000. He said, “However, after the fire incident, the shop opposite to mine has been rented out somewhere between PKR 40,000 and PKR 50,000.”

The fire broke out in the commercial hub on Sunday morning and severely damaged more than 450 shops and warehouses of Mobile phones, laptops, and accessories worth millions.

The Lahore Police Commissioner, Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman, has formed a 14-member inquiry committee to look into the incident and ordered to submit a preliminary report.

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  • Lanut hy un hram khoro per jinho ny litaye berhaye,,, bayghairato he waqt tum per bhi aa sakta hy, lanti

    • بلکل سہی کہا ہے آپ نے حفیظ سنٹر والوں پر بھی ایسے ہی یہ وقت آیا ہوا ہے.
      ٹیکس کبھی دیا نہیں اور دس دس کروڑ کے گھروں میں رھتے ہیں. ایک لاکھ سے کم کا جوڑا نہیں پہنتی ان کی عورتیں اور دوسری دفہ کبھی وہ جوڑا نہیں پہنتی.


  • Ye wqt Ana he tha, they become a mafia, do numberi thuggi aam thi, masoom logo ko khulam khulla thook lagana inka shock bun chuka tha, purane used sometimes even faulty Mobiles do numberi kr k new bol k bechy jaty yei haal laptops mai tha, aur agr kisi maloom pad jata tou sb dukandar mil kr badmashi krty like a gang… Ye bht kum hai, abi bht c aur batain b han

    • Ek aag hall road market mai b lgni chiye wahan is se ziyada ha*mzadgi do numberi aur thuggi hai wahan kisi k control mai kuch nai even police k un dukandar mafia se darti hai

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