Should PM Nawaz Sharif Resign so the JIT can do a transaparent Investigation? Public Survey Lahore

The credit goes to Imran Khan for bringing the Panama Case in the Apex Court of Pakistan, alleging the PM Nawaz Sharif of corruption and money laundering. The Panama Paper leaks exposes links between Sharif family and eight off-shore companies owned by them.

Khan says that after being nominated in Panama papers, PM has lost his credibility as the leader of the state must be a truthful and transparent person.

To probe deeper into the matter and to ensure that there are no discrepancies, the supreme court formed JIT (Joint Investigation Team). JIT included representatives from six state entities, to ensure maximum transparency.

However, people welcomed the decision with a concoction of hopes and reservations. Some viewed the decision as a final nail in the coffin. However, some believed that the present PM needs to resign as otherwise, the JIT cannot work efficiently sustaining the political pressure. believes that the real essence of democracy is giving value to opinions of the people. To preach that, we used our forum to convey your thoughts.’s Exclusive Talk With NA-122:

Our representative asked the citizens of Lahore if they think PM must resign for a fair JIT investigation. The roadshow was exclusively conducted in NA-122, constituency of PM Nawaz Sharif.

People showed varied responses.

The majority of individuals believed that with the Supreme Court’s decision, PM had lost ‘moral’ credibility to hold the office.

According to them, all state institutions are under intense political influence, and PM’sresignation is necessary for fair investigation process.

Contrary to that, some commented that PM should not resign as he is working for the development of the country. They say that he is the democratically elected representative and has every right to hold the office. This shows that a segment of public firmly believes that Panama case is only an instrument of political vengeance. team did a quick survey on Mall Road and Barkat Market Lahore


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