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LAST UPDATED AT: 01 Apr, 2020 - 11:56pm Exclusive Public Survey From Lahore | Who Will Win Elections 2018: PML N or PTI?

The elections are just around the corner and political atmosphere of the country is gaining heat. However, what’s new this time is that the public is more interested in the affair as compared to the past. Especially the younger age bracket or the privileged class, who previously weren’t very active in the entire electoral process, are more aware and participatory this time, which we certainly owe to social media.
Social media has helped to bridge the gap and to sketch out common grounds where the public can see that the elections are significant for them no matter which class or social status they belong to. has stayed focused on the objective it started with on day one – i.e to increase public interest, participation and supporting discussions on political and social affairs.  The platform has provided people with an opportunity to voice their opinions, so each and every individual feels included as they act as a significant catalyst for the change we ultimately want to see. We are determined to voice your opinions so you feel empowered in your own capacity because public participation, along with being a vital part of democratic governance, is your universally recognized right as well.

Following and believing in that, the team of took to the streets of Lahore to hear you out and provide your perspectives about the upcoming platforms a bigger and engaging platform. The conducted roadshow was designed to convey who people of the walled city think and see as the future of Pakistan between the only two biggest rivals at the moment: PML N and PTI.

Who will win elections 2018? Will it be PML N or PTI? Why are people choosing the side people are residing with?
Watch’s exclusive public survey from Lahore:

What are your thoughts on this? Share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

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