Significance Of Language In National Progress – An Exclusive Talk With Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan is a man of many talents. Along with his countless achievements as a poet and a play writer, he has much more to his identity.
He is also regarded as an authentic columnist due to his political know-how and previous experience in bureaucracy. His insight and his outlook on Pakistani society is deep-rooted in the philosophy of preserving our unique culture and religious values. Orya for years has preached that the solution to all the problems that Pakistani society is facing is implementing a system that Islam teaches us. In his perspective, Islam provides us a complete way of life. Sticking to those values, a successful moral society can be successfully formed.

Orya’s ideology fundamentally preaches preservation of our own cultural values and identity indicators. According to him, the main reason we are lagging behind is that we are busy in adopting the others, slowly deviating us from where we belong.

This race has hampered the process of development, as we are putting in all our energy where somewhere else.

Orya is of the opinion that adopting Urdu as a prime language in our education system is the first step towards conservation of culture.

An Exclusive Talk With

He explained all his viewpoints and perspective in his exclusive interview with

He tried to extensively convey that how we can improve the society by adopting Islamic rules and regulations.

His entire interview reflects his expertise and in-depth understanding of Islamic jurisprudence and values. He talks about how to create a successful amalgamation of Islam and society, as the first step towards progress.

Orya also explains how we can produce productive individuals through qualitative education, followed by different ways to create capacity in the structure to absorb them.

His entire interview with highlights a lot of areas that need our attention. Want to know more about what he said? Click on the video below:


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