Pakistan’s first Sikh female reporter gets nominated for a prestigious award in the UK

Manmeet Kaur is Pakistan's first female Sikh reporter.

Manmeet Kaur, a member of Pakistan’s Sikh community, has been nominated for a prestigious award by the Sikh Group in the United Kingdom.

The Sikh Group is a global organization that acknowledges and honors people who have made significant contributions to their respective fields of work.

Working as a female reporter in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a province where the society is very male-centric, Manmeet defied all odds to pursue her passion. She wanted to represent KP’s Sikh minority and give a voice to the challenges her community faces while living in Pakistan.

Manmeet is a preacher of interfaith harmony in Pakistan and her work is a reflection of that. Pakistan’s Sikh community is mainly concentrated in Peshawar, where they own small businesses relating to utilities, pharmacies, and clothes.

Kaur believes that seeing her journey and the acknowledgment of her efforts, more women would follow her path and work to promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan. She said that if she wins this award, she will represent Pakistani women in the UK as well.

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