Video: Sikh grocer keeps family tradition alive by offering commodities at subsidized rates in Ramzan

With their unique example of love and compassion, Khalsa Herdial Singh grocery store stands apart during Ramzan.


Throughout the Holy month of Ramzan, Gurmeet Singh’s grocery store located at the main Jamrud Bazaar of district Khyber offers special discounts to Muslim customers. His father Nirinjin Singh set the tradition to subsidize the prices of daily commodities that are in high demand during Ramzan.

His grocery store sells rice, flour, cereals, ghee, and beverages and offers a 10 to 30 percent discount to Muslims. His family has been running the grocery business for four decades now.

Khalsa Herdial Singh grocery store stands apart during Ramzan. While the customers complaint of high prices during this month specifically, this gesture by a Sikh shopkeeper is heartwarming and beautiful.

Gurmeet completed this matriculation from Peshawar’s famous Edwardes College before indulging in the family business.

“My grandfather established this store over four decades ago”

Gurmeet gave up his education and abandoned his schooling to assist his father with the business. Ever since then, with keeping up with the family business, he is also keeping the tradition of love and compassion that his elders have set alive.

Speaking to a media outlet, Nirinjin Singh said that this gesture is meant to show solidarity with the Muslim brothers during the month of Ramzan. He said that the most underprivileged Muslims cannot afford to pay for the skyrocketing prices of these commodities and this relief would help ease their lives.

“We feel great spiritual satisfaction in extending this humble relief to our Muslim brothers because it boosts our ties and enhances interfaith harmony. I would advise my Muslim brothers to avoid hoarding and provide relief to their brothers in the month of Ramzan,” said Gurmeet Singh. 

He said that only because of the people who pray for them, they earn a high profit in the month of Ramzan compared to other grocery stores.

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