Sikh Leader Who Arranged Iftar For Muslims In Peshawar Shot Dead – Is This The Price For Preaching Inter-faith Harmony?

Another chapter of humanity, love and compassion assassinated. Another preacher of hope killed. Another embodiment of hope murdered – it this how we repay those who stand for humanity?

Popular Sikh leader, an activist for peace and an inclusive society, and the man behind Sikh-led Iftar in Peshawar Sardar Charan Jeet Singh gunned down in the provincial capital yesterday. He was assassinated by unknown assailants in his shop near Kohat General Bus Stand on Kohat Road on Tuesday.

According to a police official, Charan Jeet was present in his shop when unknown armed motorcyclists opened fire on him, killing him at the spot. Murders managed to escape unharmed. Peshawar police have registered the case and initiated the investigation into the matter.

Leads of the Sikh community Radesh Singh Tooni and Sardar Jitendra Singh confirmed the incident and called it as an act of terror. Radesh also said that it is shocking that on the second day of Pakistan’s democratic government’s end, a popular minority figure has been ruthlessly murdered.

Charan Jeet belonged to Tirah Valley of far-flung Khyber Agency and shifted to Peshawar two decades back. He was not only popular among people of his faith, he was also recognized and respected among Muslim community for his endless efforts for humanity. He was an active member of the groups that are working towards achieving religious tolerance and an inclusive society.

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