Sikh MP stands up against British Prime Minister for Muslim women

He referred to Muslim women who wear hijab as “letterbox” and “bank robbers”.


  • Sikh MP demands an apology from the Prime Minister of UK on calling Muslim women “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”

  • On the streets of UK Islamic phobic crimes has been increased up to 375pc.

  • Boris Johnson refused to offer such an apology.

On Wednesday, during the first question and answer session of the newly elected Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson, he has been demanded an apology by the Sikh MP. Prime minister of the UK made racial comments about Muslim women by calling them “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”.

Last year, when Johnson was a foreign secretory, he wrote an article with the Daily Telegraph in his regular column where he called Muslim women who wear hijab as “letterbox” and “bank robbers”. The provocative comments hurt the sentiments of many people and the issue was highlighted in media aswell but the Conservative Party took no action against the current Prime Minister.


During a fraught parliamentary session, Johnson was asked by the labor lawmaker Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi to apologize for the comments, which caused an increase in Islamophobic hate crimes in England up to 375pc. In response to that, Johnson refused to provide such an apology.

“When will the prime minister finally apologize for his derogatory and racist remarks?” asked Dhesi

“Mr. Speaker, if I decide to wear a turban or you decide to wear a cross or he decides to wear a kippah or a skullcap or she decides to wear a hijab or a burqa, does that mean that it is open season for right honorable members of this House to make derogatory and divisive remarks about our appearance?” Dhesi continued.

“For those of us who from a young age have had to endure and face up to being called names such as towel head or Taliban, or coming from bongo-bongo land, we can appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women when they are described as looking like bank robbers and letterboxes,” he added.

Mary Creagh the member of the Labor Party called Deshi’s speech “powerful”.

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  • sikh paa jee ne peen kawali krdi UK ke president ke.. chaas aa gai ? main to Boris ko insan samjhta tha yee to knjaar nikla

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