Sikhs In Peshawar Arrange Iftar For Muslims Every Year In A Bid To Promote Inter-faith Harmony

A world deeply wounded by hatred and intolerance, struggling to breathe, can only be cured by compassion. As they say, love heals everything. Presenting a beautiful example of positivity, inter-faith harmony and empathy, Sikh community of Peshawar arranges Iftar for their Muslim brothers every year. With this positive initiative, they serve labourers, shop-keepers and passerby.

Though they still await no-objection certificate for security reasons, they have still worked out a decent method to do the noble act. Since the beginning of the Ramzan, the Sikh community has collaborated with local charity organizations for the noble cause.

The hosts welcome the guests with warm greetings and serve them with fruits, drinks and cooked food. The food is also prepared by Muslims and served by Sikhs with provides an example of balmy and equitably coexisting communities.
With active young and old men of the religious community, even children are seen participating in it and serving the guests passionately and dedicatedly.

A leader of Sikhs, Baba Gurpal said that they did it last year as well and arranged iftar at different orphanages, hospitals, school of physically challenged people and Central Prison Peshawar.

“We hosted Iftar for 29 days during Ramazan last year. We held Iftar dastarkhwan at three different places in Peshawar, Mardan and other districts’’ – he said talking to a news source.
He added that this year, the Sikh community has hosted Iftar’s at the Lady Reading Hospital and in Gulbahar as well.

“The food items are purchased, cooked and prepared by the Muslims’’ – Gurpal Singh added.
Residents of the city say that they have been doing this since 2001. Locals have lauded the kind gesture and called it significant for the propagation of love and tolerance.

The Muslim community also tries to return the kindness with kindness. Khurshid Khan, a local lawyer, visited the worship place of Sikhs and cleaned their shoes to show his acceptance and appreciation of the community.

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