Silk Bank condemns violent actions of their employee, praises Punjab police over quick action

Influential Aqeel Mirza is a resident of Cantt and branch manager of a Silk Bank.

  • It turned out that the violent person seen in the video is an employee of the Silk bank.
  • The Punjab police arrested the culprit after the video went viral on social media.
  • “He would not be able to cause harm to even a fly from now on”, Punjab Police.
  • “As a responsible organization, Silk Bank strongly condemns the violent acts of this individual, performed in his capacity”, CEO Silk Bank.

Recently a video went viral on social media where a person was seen hitting another person mercilessly on the road. A violent person was seen publicly threatening the victim with a gun.

After when the video went viral on the internet, the credentials of the person were found it. The police identified him and he was later arrested.

Punjab Police

Furthermore, the police stated that he would not be able to even ”harm a fly from now on”.

Employee of Silk Bank:

Furthermore, it turned out that the culprit is an employee of the Silk bank. The sources also said that Aqeel Mirza is resident of Cantt and serving as branch manager in the bank.

CEO of the Silk Bank praises the police over arresting the culprit.

Punjab Police

”As a responsible organization, Silk Bank strongly condemns the violent acts of this individual, performed in his personal capacity. Moreover, we will be taking appropriate action, as per law, accordingly”, CEO Silk Bank.

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  • You better be doing something about it Silk Bank to control the lunatics like this chap. If such a person has done this stuff in the UK, Govt /organization makes sure he regrets this entire life. This time Silk Bank you have to make an example, so any person in the dune of power thinks twice before unleashing such an act on a civilian.

  • Is behoda shakss ho chowk main is tarah saza do jis tarah is nay us admi ko mara
    is k monh k oprr usi tarah paoon maro jis tarah us shaks ko is nay mara

  • Bank Managers are usually not like this.

    He must have some influential people in his social circle or family. This is how MOST people with influential connections behave with other specially if others are of lower economic/power class.

    Look around you and you will find plenty of people like that.

    If he does not gets punished by our system then he will do it again.

    • Yeah like the educated lawyers got any exemplary punishment, unfortunately in Pakistan there are 2 types of rules 1 for poor people that does not give them any sort of leverage even if main criminal is missing then police arrest someone else in the family and the other rule for rich people that always give them relief no matter if its a slap on the face or our law and regulation authorities. 🙁

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