Sindh appoints sacked professor as DG Government Colleges

Mobin Ahmed Jatoi, National Assembly candidate from NA-207 Sukkur, said that Bari was disqualified due to corruption charges.

Soon after an inquiry report regarding corruption and nepotism was submitted by the provincial anti-corruption department at the Government Degree Science and Commerce College, another corruption case has risen within Sindh’s education department.

Recently, the government hired Professor Hafiz Abdul Bari Indhar as director-general of government colleges in Karachi. Professor Hafiz has previously been sacked from his post as the regional director of Sindh College Education Department, Sukkur, due to allegations of corruption.

For several months, this post of director-general has been empty. But now, an official statement has been issued, announcing his appointment. So Professor Bari can to fill the seat, Professor Syed Majid Ali, who was working as interim director-general, has been transferred.

Mr. Bari’s hiring is quite shocking to many people because numerous complaints (regarding corruption) were filed against him during his tenure. His dismissal was on the suggestion of his former secretary Luba Salahuddin, with protests by Sindh professor and lecturers.

She addressed the Sindh chief secretary in her recommendation letter on 12th July 2018 and suggested Hafiz Abdul Bari’s dismissal.

”Bari had political associations”

While talking about Bari’s dismissal to Express Tribune, Ghulam Murtaza Shaikh, Sukkur Deputy Commissioner, said that Bari had political associations and was misusing his power by taking part in unlawful activities. SSP Sukkur also confirmed Ghulam Murtaza’s allegations.

Mobin Ahmed Jatoi, National Assembly candidate from NA-207 Sukkur, said that Bari was disqualified due to corruption charges and misuse of authority. Furthermore, the numerous complaints against him initiated a departmental inquiry.

Chief Secretary Syed Mumtaz Ali Shah recommended Hafiz Abdul Bari to be transferred and striped off of holding any kind of administrative or financial position for three years. But after barely a year he has been appointed as the regional director of government colleges in Karachi due to his ‘outreach’.

Relating to this sudden news, Professor Abdul Hameed Chandar, the Sindh director-general of colleges, said that he hadn’t recommended Hafiz Abdul Bari’s appointment but the Colleges Secretary conducted all the interviews himself.

While talking about Gulshan College, he said that he had submitted the inquiry report to the college’s secretary but he hadn’t received any answers yet.

“As soon as the report is received, action against the college administration will be taken as per the directives of the college’s secretary,” – he said.

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