Sindh comes the first province to launch Rabies Control Programme

The provincial government of Sindh launched a Rabies Control Programme on Monday to control the population of stray dogs and rabies. A launch ceremony was held in this regard at a private hotel. Speaking about the government programme on occasion, Project Director Syed Muhammad Afzal Zaidi said:

Three rabies centers have been set up in the city. We plan to establish 41 such centers across the province by next year. There were different unreliable studies about the population of stray dogs, but the population was around 1.2 million in the province. It is not solely the fault of these animals.

He further stated:

It’s also our attitude towards them that prompts them to harm us. I urge the public not to harm these animals. Culling was one of the old methods to control the population of stray dogs. It is an inhumane method. To spread the programme across the province, veterinary doctors, staff, and vehicles will be needed. It is not easy, but we are committed and will successfully achieve our targets.

Sindh Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said:

I have been asked about the programme by my party leadership, especially Aseefa Bhutto Zardari. There was no shortage of rabies vaccine anywhere in Sindh. We have enough stock. My government was criticized for the shortage of rabies vaccine. The programme will be spread across the province very soon.

Local Government Secretary Najam Shah said:

Different partners, including The Indus Hospital (TIH), have helped the government during the initial phase. We all have to help each other to achieve our targets. It’s a paradigm shift. The old methods did not work. The work that has been started will be successfully accomplished.

Dr. Naseem Salauddin of the TIH said:

My organization started the pilot project in different city areas, including Ibrahim Hyderi, Korangi, Landhi, and the South district. Over 40,000 dogs have been vaccinated. About 8,000 dogs have also been neutered. We should work together to make a rabies-free province.

The head of TIH, Dr. Abdul Bari, said:

Sindh has become the first province in Pakistan that has launched this programme. I hope other provinces will follow suit.

The government has begun making efforts to eliminate rabies from the province. The Rabies Control Programme is a step in the right direction. However, only time will tell what impact it has in reality.

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