Sindh Declares Donkey Cart Racing As Its ‘Cultural Sport’

Crooked priorities by a crooked government.

Donkey cart racing in a Sindh culture festival.

Unbothered about real-life problems and concerned about useless things, the Government of Sindh has now declared donkey cart racing as the province’s ‘cultural sport.’

This was revealed by the Secretary to the Government of Sindh on Sports & Youth Affairs, Syed Imtiaz Ali Shah.

According to the statement issued by the Secretary, donkey cart racing is an “ancient sport in Karachi.”

Sindh Rangers organise donkey cart race to promote cultural, social activities

However, it has been neglected for years and not received well by present-day citizens, Shah added.

The provincial sports secretary said that donkey cart racing would be added to the cultural sports of the province, and more events of this ‘ancient sport’ would be organized.

A crooked government with crooked priorities

Now, I do not object to or despise donkey cart racing if it is indeed the ‘historical’ and ‘cultural’ as alleged by the provincial sports secretary.

However, I am baffled by the priorities of the provincial sports department, which, not surprisingly, is from the corrupt Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

The provincial sports secretary is willingly turning a blind eye to the actual problems faced by athletes, sports enthusiasts, and other citizens of the province.

There are barely any cricket or football grounds in Karachi, Hyderabad, and other cities of Sindh. Recreational activities are almost non-existent in the cities.

No wonder Karachi is the 8th most stressed-out city in the world.

However, for the corrupt elite of PPP, basic demands from citizens for education and recreational activities are considered a ‘luxury’ as the party only sticks with the obsolete “roti, kapra, & makan” slogan — not to mention it has terribly failed in those areas as well.

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Attached below is a video by comedian Junaid Akram in which he walks around London and compares its condition with the unfortunate condition of Pakistani cities. ↓

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