‘Sindh government once again proving that it solely serves the looters’, Fatima Bhutto comments on Bahria town protests

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Bahria town violence

Pakistani writer, and columnist Fatima Bhutto, has criticized the Sindh government over the recent Bahria town violence.

Bhutto tweeted, “The Sindh government is once again proving that it serves solely at the interest of looters and criminals (themselves).

Sources revealed that Police stopped people who were joining the protest against the Bahria Town Karachi. A few weeks ago, The Sindh Action Committee comprising Sindh indigenous Rights Alliance and Awami Worker Party had announced a sit-in in front of the Bahria Town Karachi to protest illegal occupation by BTK.

The protest was attended by residents of nearby villages, who said they were forced to give up their lands. Moreover, the committee members disassociated their involvement from any violence which took place during the protest.

They were Bahria Town’s own people who deliberately drove the protest towards violence, said the committee members and added that they were staging a peaceful sit-in.

The Bahria Town management has been trying to take over lands in Noor Mohammad Gabol Goth, Usman Allahrakhiyo Goth, Hadi Bakhsh Gabol Goth, and Abdullah Gabol Goth, the committee leaders said.

Meantime, netizens and social activists also expressed their solidarity with the protestors and made #SindhRejectsBahriaTown trending on Twitter.

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  • Real Bhutto. A great and very well educated person. Million times better than Bilo, the fake Bhutto and REAL Zardari

    • Nobody can touch Malik Riaz because he is above the state. Be it PPP, PML or even PTI. That is the truth.

  • Sindh govt. is most corrupt govt. in the World . They are from the protestors the same community and their families . Sindh govt ministers were in the same business lotting people’s .
    We are also waiting for Salahuddin Ayubi and Mohammad bin Qasim who can change them and give us relieve from most corrupted govt. of Sindh.
    In Bharia lotting incident sindh govt is partner of the protestor they protected them they are player of this game plan to pressurize to Federal government to take huge budget for their corruption and their families .
    IA one day Allah will change the game they will receive what they are doing today .

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