Sindh Government Passes Groundbreaking ‘Amal Umer Bill’

In a first, Sindh government has passed Sindh Injured Persons’ Compulsory Medical Treatment Bill, referred to as Amal Umer bill, making it compulsory and mandatory for hospitals to provide medical aid and treatment to an injured person without waiting for any medico-legal formalities.

The new law will come into effect after the Sindh government ratifies it, it is being lauded by the general public, the members of civil society and members of the medical fraternity, who are positive that the advancement will improve the quality of healthcare and assure no one else meets the same fate as Amal Umer. Amal was a ten years old girl, who lost her life as a result of being shot during a mugging when she was on her way to a concert on independence day. After her death, her parents made notable efforts to highlight the discrepancies in the system, making a forceful plea for the overhaul of a desensitised policing and medical system

“This has been our longstanding demand. We have been saying all along that emergency treatment should be free at all healthcare centres, regardless of whether they are public or private” – said Dr Qaiser Sajjad, the secretary-general of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA).

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“You see, if there is an incident in Malir, the patient has to be rushed to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. In many cases, the patient dies before reaching the hospital” – said Dr Sajjad.
He further added that the parents of Amal Umer should be given the due credit for their efforts and making this possible.
“We should all thank the parents for their efforts” – he said.
The chairperson of the Sindh Healthcare Commission, Dr Tipu Sultan, said that it was under consideration from a wrong time and it is inhumane to deny any patient treatment only due to medico-legal formalities.
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