Sindh Government To Allot Cabin Shops To Those Affected By Anti-encroachment Drive

Government’s anti-encroachment drive has attracted a lot of criticism from the business community and serious concerns have been recently raised by political parties.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to arrive in Karachi on Sunday on the request Governor Sindh. He is expected to have meetings with stockbrokers, representatives of traders and prominent citizens to discuss various issues, including the anti-encroachment drive.

To rehabilitate those affected by anti-encroachment drive Empress Market Saddar, Karachi, Sindh government has decided to allot cabin shops, reported a local media source. The new shops will be installed around the market area. Murtaza Wahab, a provincial government’s advisor, said that these shops will be specially designed small-sized cabins, created exclusively for this purpose. He further added that double-decker bus will also ply in the considered area.

”Parks and monuments will be built in adjoining areas of Empress Market” – said Wahab.

He further said that fences will be put up immediately, securing the Empress Market adjoining areas. Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister Sindh, has sent out notifications to the relevant departments to prepare alternative plans for the use of evacuated land. As many as 1400 shops in the Karachi’s popular Empress Market have been demolished during the anti-encroachment drive, as reported by officials of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

After the Empress Market operation, 800 more shops were demolished during the third week of encroachment drive. Sharing the tales, Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif Ur Rehman said that 175 shops were registered with Estate Department of KMC in Aram Bagh Market while 297 in Landa Bazaar. But, those 175 were made into 450 shops while 297 turned 350 by shopkeepers on their own.

Dr Rehman added that the action is being taken on the directives of the apex court.

”No one will be allowed to acquire even an inch of space illegally”– he said. 

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