Sindh government to launch ‘Pink Taxi Service,’ with fifty women-only taxis

In the initial phases of this plan, 200 electrically powered taxis will begin operating in Karachi.

Sindh government to launch 'Pink Taxi Service,' with fifty women-only taxis

In order to facilitate female citizens of Sindh, the provincial government has decided to launch a ‘Pink Taxi Service.’ This exciting development was announced by Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon.

Pink Taxi service launched in Karachi

In the initial phases of this plan, 200 electrically powered taxis will begin operating in Karachi. Out of this, fifty will be women-only taxis driven by female drivers. However, hiring female drivers and setting up charging and parking depots is still in the works. This project will provide job opportunities to unemployed youth, and these eco-friendly taxis will also save billions of rupees in oil. Prior to this, a pink bus service was also launched for women, which is used by a large number of female commuters on a regular basis.

Memon said that the public transportation sector of Sindh has many challenges and difficulties. The government is currently working to address these by providing its residents with comfortable traveling options. Likewise, it will also be a convenient travel option for women.

“A modern, affordable and environment-friendly electric taxi service will be launched in Karachi and extended to other major cities of the province,” he said.

Government improves public bus service

In addition to this, the government has also made the decision to improve the public bus service by adding 500 new buses, valued at Rs25 billion.

Orders have also been issued to deploy these buses across multiple routes in Karachi to ensure accessibility for the general public. Memon added that the provincial government is working to acquire 15 more buses to further enhance the transportation system. In an effort to expand the People’s Bus Service, the government has ordered the initiation of a new route from Hattri to Kisana Mori in Hyderabad. This will provide ease for residents in the area.

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