The conversation between SHC judges and the petitioner who demanded ‘legalizing Charas in Pakistan’ is worth reading!

Sources state that the petition was lodged by a citizen named Ghulam Asghar.

Recently, the Sindh High Court (SHC) received a written petition which sought immediate orders from concerned departments to allow citizens to consume up to 10 grams of Charas.

Sources state that the petition was lodged by a citizen named Ghulam Asghar.

A two-member bench heard the petition, which involved Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar. During the hearing, the judge expressed displeasure over the litigant for filing a petition of such nature and questioned:

Do you want everyone in the country to take up Hashish?

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar did not only quash the petition but termed it as non-maintainable on the first hearing. In addition to that, he asked the petitioner:

How much fine should I impose on you for lodging such a petition?

Ghulam Asghar responded to Justice’s question and answered:

I am just a common man who only brought a matter of public interest to the SHC as authorities worry that ‘Shareef log’ [gentlefolk] consume the drug.

The petitioner continued to justify his stance and said:

Many countries around the world have legalized the consumption of Hashish. Pakistan can also generate considerable revenue by legalizing Charas.

The bench commented on Ghulam Asghar’s justification and said:

I suggest you relocate to one of those countries in case you want to consume drugs. Pakistan does not need revenue from such means as there are numerous legal ways to increase the revenue.

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  • Is ko legal kar deya jai wesy be tw har jaga sale ho rahe he zeyda user bhar rahe hen. Aik chez legal ho Ge humari country ka he faida he

  • I do not agree with the judge, they are all corrupt anyway. I 100% support the legalization as many other countries have done.

  • اس میں کوئی مضائقہ نہیں ۔ جس ملک میں دفاعی ادارے کو متنازعہ بنانے کی اجازت ہے لیکن ایک ایسے مسئلے کے بارے میں بات بھی نہیں کی جاسکتی جس کا نہ صرف وجود ہے
    بلکہ چوری چھپے ایک مافیا قائم ہے ۔ بات کریں گے تو ہی مقابلہ کریں گے ۔

  • Cannabis has medicinal properties and if used moderately it can cure lot of diseases. Hypertension, pain management and in some type of Cancers it can be beneficial.

  • Petitioner bhi saheeh ha aur Judges bhi.. Pakistan mein Charas Ka use noraml samjha jata ha.. Bohat se log issay noraml way m used kartay hain..aur normal logo ki trah life ko manage kartay hain..lekan Pakistan mein Charas ko legeal nahi Kia ja sakta.Judges bhi right par hain.. West k Kae countries mien Charas legeal ha.controled way m use ki ja sakti ha..Ab Tu Pakistan.mein Charasi Tikka bhi available ha.

  • Legalise or not, the petitioner was excercising his right so took this matter to the court. The judge could accept or reject it, but what right this damn judge has pass on these stupid remarks?

  • شراب کا لائیسنس دینے میں کوئی Displeasure نہیں ہے،لیکن چرس کے لئیے سارے اصول سامنے آگئے،ایسے جانبدار جج کو اجازت ہی نہیں ہونی چاہیے تھی یہ کیس سننے کی۔

  • Islamic Republic hone ka itna hi khayal hai to “Sharab” jo k haram hai, us ki kamai ka hr hisa haram hai, us ki legal licensed permissions hain, jin se heavy tax le k qomi khazane mn dala ja rha hai, baki hashish jo k zamin ki jari boti hai, islam mn haram nhi balkey makroh hai us py pabandi.

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