Sindh started issuing number plates of vehicles with new security feature

number plates

On Thursday, the Sindh government started issuing the retro-reflective number plates of vehicles with a new security feature.

The Sindh Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla handed over number plates to some car owners at a program held at the motor registration wing at Civic Centre.

Chawla said the new number plates got several security features, aluminum sheets, and bar code.

The Taxation Minister further went on to say that the number could easily be read even during nighttime.

He said it was impossible to forge the new number plates or make a copy of them.

Mukesh Kumar said that soon the traffic police would be able to get all details of automobiles by just scanning the number plates, and it would become easier to detect stolen vehicles on the roads. During the first phase, the new number plates would be given upon registration of new vehicles.

“Efforts are being made to allocate new number plates to as many vehicles as possible within a year,” the Minister said.

Recently, the Sindh ombudsman was notified by excise officials that 4.364 million number plates of automobiles and motorcycles had been pending in Sindh.

The administrators said that the backlog of four-wheelers (retail and non-commercial) number plates was 308,963. The excise division had already collected PKR 1,000 from each vehicle owner at registration.

The excise department told the ombudsman office that the department could only cater to 53,000 number plates of four-wheelers and 207,000 two-wheelers in one year because of limited resources.

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