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Sindh To Define ‘School’ For The First Time As Part Of Their New Education Policy

Sindh government is undertaking major changes in their education policy, restructuring the department to elevate the standard of education in the province. The department has decided that for the first time, the term ‘school’ will be redefined to channelize the spending, so all the resources are efficiently utilized to fulfill it.

In a meeting presided over by Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Education Minister, this Thursday, the department has decided to merge its three teachers’ training institutes as well as its two curriculum wings. Additionally, it has been agreed upon to start a pilot project for the transportation of girls to schools and set a 50% pass mark for the appointment of teachers. The recruitment policy for the department will be completely reviewed, budget spending will be rationalized, work to be done on shelter-less schools in the province and establishment of a museum in Larkana.

How to define school?

The Education Minister Sindh said that it is ironic no proper definition of ”school” has been decided upon in the last 72 years. “Someone declared a room as a school and another made shelter-less schools” – he added. 

For the first time, he added, the term ‘school’ will be defined in the education policy to set a future part. He further instructed the education secretary to devise a strategic framework reforming arts in schools, to improve visual and performing arts skills in the students. Increasing drop out rates were also discussed in the meeting. The secretary Parvez said that the main reason for dropouts, especially among female students, is that after primary schools, they have to travel to urban centers for further education.

To tackle that, he added, transportation services will be introduced so this barrier can be eradicated. The service will facilitate the female students primarily to keep them in school and continue their education.

Education Minister said it is concerning that not a single science museum has been established. Speaking on the issue of furniture, he said that it is shameful to even debate on the standard of education when they have failed to provide even basic furnishing.

“This is an extremely shameful situation for us. I will not tolerate any complaints regarding the unavailability of furniture after that” – he warned that the purchase of furniture should be completed by June 20.

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