Sindh’s new born ‘two-headed’ baby baffles medics

Reports state that the family of the newborn resides in Sujawal district's Mirpur Bathoro area.

The birth of a two-headed baby takes place in Sindh.

A woman gave birth to a two-headed baby at a private hospital in Badin district. Initially, the story seemed like a rumor, but doctors who helped in the delivery process confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Reports state that the family of the newborn resides in Sujawal district’s Mirpur Bathoro area. When the woman went into labor, she was brought to the Aisha Moosa Charitable Hospital, where she gave birth to a two-headed baby.

According to the doctors, the mother and her child are both “healthy” and out of danger. Senior gynecologist Dr. Nusrat Babu Khati said:

An ultrasound report obtained after the woman’s delivery indicated that the baby’s brain was split and visible in both heads.

Dr. Khati further shared:

The newborn’s condition is stable. More tests and treatment of the child will be conducted if senior doctors advise doing so.

Doctors at the Aisha Moosa Charitable Hospital said:

The baby’s heads were separated after a surgical procedure.

According to reports, the doctors will continue to guide the baby’s parents to help prevent severe complications in the future.

Note: This is a developing story; any advancements in the news will be updated accordingly.

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  • So sad, I don’t even have the heart to read the details, but wanted to say that please pray for the parents and the child to have some resolution on this otherwise a very tragic story. May Allah SWT make it easy for all in this – ameen!

  • Idiots u all… wo ek bacha nahi do bachy hain with on body… I saw many cases where they have same body with two different children

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