Meet Sindh’s policeman, who pays medical bills of underprivileged blind children


Majority of the time, people of Pakistan are unhappy with amenities that the police provides. The law enforcing agency is often degraded due to the dominant bribe culture in Pakistan. The public loses faith in the police department because of their ineffectiveness and political indulgence. But, not every man in a uniform is corrupt.

Such an example is Fida Hussain Mastoi from Sindh. With his efforts, he is changing the perception of people about the police. Hailing from Sindh, Mr. Fida serves as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG). For the blind, he is no less than a messiah. The officer aids those who are underprivileged by paying their medical bills and expenses.

Mr. Fida works for families of rural areas, who can’t even afford to eat three times a day. Fida Hussain Mastoi helps the handicapped not only financially, but also helps them with transportation. Due to his selfless efforts and his will to bring a positive change in this negative world, Mastoi has gained population.


Due to his unmoving love for humans, Fida Hussain Mastoi has often been a guest to talk shows.

“I’m a human first then a policeman. You just have to take the needy to the hospital and arrange operation leaving the rest to Allah, and he will help.”- He said while on a talk show.

“I know its not an easy task but once you aim, there’s no stopping, believe in Allah and keep moving forward.” – Mastoi further added.

Without any assistance, Mr. Fida has brightened up the lives of so many people, with money out of his own pocket. Hospitals now have taken notice of his efforts and started supporting his cause.

While briefing about the difficulties that visually impaired people face, Mastoi stated,

“A person who is born blind has a slight 5% to 10% chance of recovery and that’s the reason I take them to the best hospitals available.”

Fida Hussain Mastoi wants everyone else to start helping others, even if a criminal. He wants everyone to do so, without anything in return. Humanity and helping other humans is his top priority, and he continues to bring a positive change in the lives of people.

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