Singapore-based firm ‘Trafigura’ asks Pakistan to open gas sector for private companies

CEO Trafigura said that private companies can provide consumers with gas at very market-competitive rates.

Fadi Mitri, the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore-based firm Trafigura in Pakistan, has asked Pakistan to open the gas sector for private firms. Mitri said that if opportunities are created for international gas companies to come and explore, it could provide consumers with gas at very market-competitive rates.

Addressing the Pakistan Energy Reform Summit 2020, Mitri said that private companies in many countries have played a role in bringing an end to the monopoly in the gas sector. Hence, with their involvement, consumers can have the facility at a reasonable cost.

“Giving third-party access to a sector of the economy means ending the monopoly of the state in that particular sector,” Mitri said while addressing the summit.

“In the context of Pakistan, third-party access to gas and LNG means that a private company can import LNG and sell it to customers after having transported it through its own pipeline or pipeline networks of SSGC and SNGPL,” he continued.

Mitri added that Pakistan does not have the capacity to implement big projects and hence, should focus on execution on small plans.

“Gas demand in Pakistan is high and the shortfall will remain even after projects like Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (Tapi) and Iran-Pakistan (IP) pipelines are completed.”

Fadi Mitri insisted that Pakistan should provide an opportunity to private firms to ramp up efficiency and quality service provision in the gas sector. He added that Pakistan should prioritize increasing exports to attract FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

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  • Agreed 1000 percent. It will open competition like GSM technology and when more players will enter market prices will come down. remember ptcl used to charge huge amount on international calls then after liberation policy of mush things got real cheap.

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