Sister Chained & Imprisoned by Two Brothers for Many Years on Faith Healer’s Advice

Some relatives claimed that the brothers detained her following property issues while others said they did this on the advice of a faith healer.

  • A 25-year-old woman who said to be a master’s degree holder detained by her brothers for many years.
  • She was sent to Mental Hospital for the assessment of her mental health.


On Wednesday, police rescued a woman in poor health condition. Her brothers at their home in Millat Park, Lahore, allegedly imprisoned her.

She is identified as a 25 years old young woman named Roshan Ara. She was said to be a master’s degree holder and was imprisoned for the last few years in her own house.

Police says Roshan Ara was rescued from a filthy house by unlocking one of the rooms.

According to the police, there were several contradictory stories about her illegal detention by her brothers. Police take both the culprits Muqarram and Amir into custody.

Some stories like property issues are surfacing in the paper about Rohan’s detention. Family members and relatives claimed that her brothers due to property issues locked her. While some are of the views that her brother did this on the advice of faith healer.

She was immediately sent to the Mental Hospital to asses her mental health for living in isolation in a room for years.

As claimed by police that they recovered the woman on the complaint of neighbors about the inhuman act of her brothers.

According to the latest updates, the case is registered against Muqqaram and Amir. Moreover, police carry out further investigations to uncover the truth brutal act of Roshan’s brothers.

Property Issues

Many said that the reason behind Roshan’s lock-up could have been property issues. Blood relations due to property disputes torture women is a common thing now. Many women in Pakistan even struggle to get their basic right of property, the right that is given to them by their religion and law of their country.

Faith Healers

Relatives of Roshan Ara have shown their suspicions that her brothers on the advice of faith healer imprisoned her. Thousands of faith healers are playing with the lives of innocent Pakistani’s. They are making people fool when people think that these faith healers could help them in any situation.

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