Sisters from Gujrat undergo sex-change surgery to become males

After this revelation, experts counseled the sisters' family to convince them of the surgeries.

Two sisters from Gujrat recently underwent sex-reassignment surgeries. Both the girls recovered from the successful procedure and have been discharged from the hospital.

Professor Dr. Amjad Chaudhry at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) said:

The two sisters, who hail from Gujrat and have seven other sisters, were born with physical deformities. A medical examination found that they suffered from atypical genitalia condition and had to undergo sex-reassignment surgery to change their gender and make them males.

After this revelation, experts counseled the sisters\’ family to convince them of the surgeries. Following their approval, one sister underwent the procedure on the 9th of September, while the second sister was brought into the hospital a month later on the 9th of October.

Regarding the surgeries, Dr. Chaudhry said:

The two were in healthy condition, and after recovering, they were discharged. The girls\’ family was also happy after the operations.

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