Skardu Aiport to witness international flights from next month

Currently, Skardu Airport is being revamped for the purpose of international flight operations.

Skardu Airport. (Maria Ly / Flickr)

Skardu Aiport (KDU) will soon witness international flight operations and is currently being revamped for this purpose.

The commencement of these international flights will boost tourism and trade in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Skardu Aiport during winter. (Abbas Shah / Wikimedia)

This was disclosed by the Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

The aviation minister revealed that the latest initiative would support all-weather and nighttime flight operations. This would allow airplanes to make low visibility landings and takeoffs.

The latest initiatives are part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision to take the maximum advantage of the region as a tourism hub.

Located at an elevation of an altitude of 7,316 feet, Skardu Airport is listed among the world’s highest-altitude airports.

PIA’s first flight from Karachi receives a water salute at Skardu Airport on Wednesday. (DAWN)

Recently, flight operations between Skardu Airport and Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, and Faisalabad have been launched for the first time.

Due to this, Skardu Airport has become one of the busiest airports in the country in recent months.

International flight operations

According to the aviation minister, a notification would be declared next month to initiate international flights to and from Skardu Airport.

For this purpose, the airport’s runway was being expanded for wide-body aircraft landing.

Other developments

The aviation minister also gave updates about developments regarding Gilgit Aiport (GIL).

He stated that nighttime flights from Lahore to Gilgit had been launched, and the number of flights between Gilgit and Islamabad had been increased.

Sarwar remarked that a plan had been designed to expand Gilgit Airport while the authorities are also looking into establishing a new airport in Gilgit.

Moreover, a study is also being conducted to construct a bridge for heavy aircraft landing at Gilgit Airport.

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