WATCH: Story of a small-scale miner who became a millionaire OVERNIGHT

President of Tanzania John Magufuli called the small-scale miner to congratulate him.

A miner from Tanzania became a millionaire overnight after finding the country’s two most precious tanzanite stones.

52-year-old Saniniu Kuryan Laizer found stones, that had a combined weight of 15 kg. He sold the stones to the country’s mining ministry and made 7.7 billion Tanzanian shillings or Rs.561,000,000.

Mining Minister of Tanzania Dotto Biteko said the stones were the biggest ever found in the country.

”Laizer is our billionaire and lets us make sure that he is safe”, the minister said.

During an interview, Laizer said that he hopes to use the money for the development of his community. He plans to build a mall in Arusha and a school near his home.

President of Tanzania John Magufuli called the small-scale miner to congratulate him. President Magufuli said that this proves that Tanzania is a rich country.

What is Tanzanite stone?

The tanzanite is a rare stone, which is found only in northern Tanzania. It is used in making ornaments.

The stone comes in a number of colors, like blue, purple, red, and green. However, the reason behind its high price tag is how rare and difficult it is to find the stone. The finer the color or clarity of the stone, the more its price will be.

According to geologists, the conditions that led to the formation of this stone 585 million years ago were so special that it is difficult to find the stone anywhere other than in Tanzania. This makes the stone a thousand times rarer than diamonds.

Watch Laizer’s interview here:

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  • he got lucky

    otherwise usually people like him don’t benefit from such discoveries.

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