Smile Bazaar – where orphans bought whatever they wanted with only a smile

Cure Pakistan Welfare did this heartwarming exercise to spread smiles.

The month of Ramazan is halfway through. And there is no better time of the year to sit, think and reflect on what we are giving to the community. While we have thought about it yet or not, Smile Bazaar has surely spread a lot of smiles with their unique exercise.

Community work, helping each other and charity is the true spirit of this month. Cure Welfare Pakistan believes in it with all their heart. To spread smiles and love, they organised a unique event, where the orphans were invited and they bought whatever they wanted to,  paying with just one smile,

‘Smile Bazaar’ or Grand Mall or Smiles was organised in Karachi just before to make these kids part of the celebrations. With no family to celebrate with, these orphans are dependent on our love and empathy, which we should show as with being our social responsibility, it can also make their day.

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The bazaar of happiness and smiles was arranged by Cure Welfare Pakistan. The welfare organisation is working to provide a moment of happiness, smiles and laughter to the underprivileged and deprived.

Their full of life Smile Bazaar has toys, accessories and all the treats that children are attracted to. They were brought, handed over ‘money’ crafted with love and were allowed to get whatever they wanted. For how much? Just a smile.

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The heartwarming activity and the smiles it spread shows how our little input can make these children feel welcomed and wanted. We, as a society, should make every possible effort to make them feel included. It is only then we will be able to turn them into a productive and positive segment of the society.

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