Five men sentenced to jail for killing a rare snow leopard in Gilgit-Baltistan

One of them posted pictures of the snow leopard on social media after killing it.

Five people have been detained by the authorities for killing a snow leopard in Hoper Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan. The wildfire magistrate has sentenced three of them to jail.

According to the reports, a female snow leopard was killed, while her two cubs are nowhere to be found. The wildlife team has recovered the skin of the slain leopard, meanwhile, the search operation to find the missing cubs is underway.

After receiving information about this act, the wildlife department arrested the main culprit with the help of law enforcement agencies.

The culprits

25-year-old Mohammad Saleem, who is a resident of the Hoper valley, confessed to the crime. He said that he and a few of his friends killed a female snow leopard near the Hoper glacier 12 days ago. He leopard was living there with her two cubs, which were set free.

The police arrested four more culprits involved in the heinous crime. One of them, Mohammad, is the resident of Hunza while the other, Jaffar Ali, is from Hoper.

Mohammad Saleem and Mohammad were sentenced to one year in jail, with a fine of Rs. 5,000,000 each. However, another accused man was sentenced to month-long imprisonment.

Mohammad Saleem posted pictures of the snow leopard on social media after killing it.

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  • Lucky Leopard. He wasn’t among the humans. Otherwise it would have taken decades for it to get justice in this country.

  • This all working has been done with the efforts of wildlife department and police of the area. How come you pasted logo of an NGO (wwf) on your news

    • Coz WWF worked hard to save these endangered snow leopard of this area thus their population started growing they were the one who informed the authorities years back that snow leopard are going instinct due to killings by porchers thus they started a campaign in partnership with authorities

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