Social Media Community Reacts To Bollywood Movie Showing Arfa Technology Towers As ISI Headquarters

Twitter is having quite an enjoyable time after the new Bollywood movie ‘Genius’ showed Lahore’s Arfa Technology Park as Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters – raising serious concerns about the research done prior to making (hilarious!)

The new Indian action thriller film directed by Anil Sharma, starring Mithun Chakraborty and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, made the buzz across social media after they featured the famed Arfa towers as the hub of the secret intelligence service.

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Taking a hilarious dig at it, UNESCO Chair Umar Saif tweeted that Arfa Towers are making the buzz across the border now as well. He also mocked the writers, saying Bollywood needs better scriptwriters.

Twitter users also pointed out more blunders they noticed, like the Arfa Towers, with being the ISI headquarters have also shown to be located in Islamabad rather than Lahore.

This #Bollywood movie shows Arfa Software Technology Park in #Lahore as #ISI #Headquarters #Islamabad! They probably just googled ‘famous buildings in Pakistan’ – wrote a user.

Another user commented that the lack of accuracy shows the lack of research, they probably just googled ‘famous building in Pakistan’.

Here are some of the other comments from the social media community:


Though the movie is fictional, the team definitely still needed some qualified background check and better research to not be a laughing stock. If you are wondering what ISI headquarters was doing in the movie in the first place, the movie revolves around Vasudev Shastri (played by Utkarsh Sharma) who is a topper and comes to IIT. Due to his extraordinary expertise in the field, he is referred to as ‘genius’ around the campus. However, GENIUS also works part-time with Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and puts his unreal hacking techniques to use.

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