Social Media Community Reacts To PEMRA’s Notification Calling Pakistani Dramas ‘Too Bold’

Pakistan’s drama industry has on and off met criticism for being too bold for Pakistani society’s liking. From morning shows to unconventional topics being addressed in them – they have quite obviously always upset a certain segment of the society. However, recently the storylines have taken an unconventional turn and are addressing the societal evils.

But PEMRA is not convinced!

Recently the regulatory authority sent out a notification, saying that the quality of the content in Pakistani dramas is deteriorating and they contradict the majority of Pakistani society.

It also suggested that they have been seeing far too many indecent scenes, extra-marital relationship and violence – but what among doesn’t truly hold to existing state of Pakistani society is still a question.

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The order also said that the content is dominantly influenced by ‘alien’ culture and doesn’t depict the true image of our culture.

‘plots/themes…are influenced by alien cultures/societies, portraying fictional society’ – it read.

If further states that the notification has been sent out after numerous complaints were made by the board members and the general public that excessive glamour and bold scenes overshadow the religious and ethical values. It also aggressively stated that the television is missing out on ethical bindings of the society while creating content.

The notification has met a controversial response online, while the majority of the people disagree with it and say that TV is doing a good job of exposing and condemning the existing wrongs in the society.

Popular actor Osman Khalid Butt has responded quite rigidly saying that the same criticizing elements have previously asked for a ban on Udaari as well. He also said that television is supposed to act like a mirror to the society depicting the true picture – and it always has to be uncomfortable. Here is what the social media community is saying:

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