Social media community shares their experience with Pakistan’s toxic ‘rishta’ culture

From the poster of Sadia Jabbar’s ‘Shameless Proposals’

Pakistan’s obsession with arranged marriages has resulted in another product destroying our social fabric i.e, the toxic ‘Rishta’ culture. Going from home to home, sipping on tea, bachelors being presented as cattle and then rejected primarily based on physical attributes – the process has cost our self-esteem a lot collectively and is taking a serious toll on the mental health of our youth.

While the widely accepted practice is quite unforgiving towards young men as well, women are more of a victim to it. It has also given birth to a flourishing industry – the matrimonial services. Now all you have to do is trust another person with finding your child a perfect match, which suits your financial standing and stature. You will then be presented with a photo file, that will reduce your worth to physical appearance, to be rejected or accepted based on it.

This hunting for the right girl has become a suffocating and toxic practice, which not only is asking the women to adhere to the old belief that ”only looks matter”, but is also concerning damaging to one’s mental health.

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”Quote with your rejection stories/ excuses .. I’ll go first. So your girl was once rejected because his mom sis felt “larki humai maghroor lagi, humaari family mai mix nahe hopaayegi” – she wrote. 

This is what the people shared regarding their experiences:

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