PTM Trends #StateKilledArifWazir After Activist Killed Brutally

#StateKilledArifWazir became the top trend on Twitter.

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) activist, Arif Wazir, succumbed to his injuries in Islamabad today after being shot multiple times by unknown men yesterday just outside his house in Waziristan.

Arif Wazir was the first cousin of Member National Assembly, Ali Wazir. In 2007, he lost his father alongside 7 members of his family in a deadly attack in Wana, Waziristan.

Wazir became the 18th member of his family to lose his life ever since the military operation started in tribal areas. He was initially taken to the District Headquarters Hospital but later Arif Wazir was shifted to Islamabad, where he lost his life.

PTM’s stalwart, Mohsin Dawar, took to Twitter to announce the heartbreaking death of Arif Wazir.

Following his death, social media users have been condemning the brutal murder of Wazir.

Here’s How Social Media Reacted:

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  • When they attack the Pak army it is called reaction. When the army retaliates it is zulm. If they love there beloved Afghanistan, why don’t they go to their beloved homeland and let Pakistanis live in peace.

  • They r new face of TTP. They all kidpaning and killing people now suddenly become politicians. Working on india and afghan pay roll.

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