Social Media Exploding With Memes And Tweets After Imran Khan’s Third Marriage – We Have Compiled The Best Ones For You!

The news of Imran Khan’s third wedding has taken the internet by storm. Khan married his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka yesterday. Without any surprise, the social media was a hot battleground soon with people criticising, defending and presenting arguments to express their sentiments. Well, you might lay on either of these sides and whether be in support or against it, but there’s one side of the internet that we all enjoy, i.e troll memes and hilarious tweets.

While many of these may have already graced your computer screens, we have compiled the best memes and tweets for you. By best we strictly mean those that can give you a good laugh while making sense at the same time!
Here are some of them:

1) Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! Must say it is the best photoshop of the year already.

2) To all the haters criticizing what she chose to wear, here is a perfect reply to answer all your questions.

3) And of course, Pakistan doesn’t have any other issues to talk about except someone using their right to marriage. Correct?


4) It is okay to go a different way and be unique. Khan knows how to do it best. TABDEELI!

5) One little picture, so much meaning!

6) No one thought of it this way! Who falls into the category now?

7) Saving the best for the last: well no one can deny, she does have a solid point.

Using personal life affairs as a manipulative tool to gain political benefits is not a new sight in Pakistan, it still remains an unfortunate one.

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The criticism and hatred being thrown at someone for using their legal and religious right to marry is unbelievable. It perfectly reflects our insensitivity and how we are lagging behind as we have accepted actual issues like corruption, bribery culture and nepotism as our fate, submitting to them while someone’s personal life remains a national issue.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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