Social media has found Babar Azam’s doppelgänger [Video]

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Babar Azam doppelgänger

There is nothing which can escape the eyes of social media users. Just ahead of the start of Pakistan Super League (PSL), social media has found the doppelgänger of Babar Azam.

A short video clip of the doppelgänger of Babar Azam has been going viral on social media. The video shows a youngster enjoying a plate of biryani as one of his friends keeps calling him Babar Azam.

“Sasta Babar Azam,” the video maker describes him.

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Not so long ago, social media also found the doppelgänger of Shadab Khan. A spectator was seen cheering the Men in Green during the semi final against Australia and social media users were of the view that she is all-rounder Shadab Khan’s doppelganger.

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