What is ‘social media marketing’? How to promote brands online to make money in Pakistan

Here's everything you need to know!

Where do most brands go these days to advertise their products and services? Social media! While billboards, newspapers, radio, and tv advertising are still in the game, social media tops the list of popular advertising platforms. And why not?

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, individuals have been increasingly inclined to connect to the world via online forums. This shift in the habits has made social media the most prominent engagement platform for businesses looking to market their products and services to the masses.

Here’s everything you need to know about Social Media Marketing to promote your business in the best manner:

Prominent Social Media Platforms

Here are some platforms you can use to market your business:

Most Important Step = Branding

For every business to have an effective social media presence, they need to have a brand. Branding refers to a business creating its unique image in the consumer’s mind using individualistic features like brand colors, logo, tagline, etc.

Follow these steps to build a brand for your business:

  1. Define your product/service – by choosing colors, logo, big idea, perception, characteristics, and more for your brand
  2. Showcase the brand – using good content like pictures, videos, text, and more. Make sure the content provides the customers with information, knowledge, or entertainment, so they engage with the brand
  3. Invest in the paid advertisement – to market the content you’ve created to the masses. Make sure you use filters when advertising the content, so your message reaches your target audience the most instead of the whole world
  4. Direct potential customers to your business website – by connecting every organic or paid advertising to the website. This will help you convert potential customers to a loyal client base

Social media marketing isn’t challenging. All it takes is a little planning and commitment. Once businesses rely on these two factors, social media marketing investment starts to pay off.

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