Social Media Outraged After ‘Extra-Judicial’ Murder Of Naqeeb Mehsud

Social media is again on fire after the pictures of 26 years old Naqeeb Mehsud’s dead body surfaced the internet. The pictures were firstly shared in a Facebook group crowded with Karachiites.
Naqeeb belonged to FATA and was currently residing in Karachi. As per the social media sources, Naqeeb moved from South Waziristan to Karachi and owned a shop.

He, along with his friends, was arrested by Counter-Terrorism Department of Police for alleged ties with TTP. According to people who knew him, his friends gave bribe and were able to get themselves out while Naqeeb was tortured brutally in custody.
When after wild physical and mental torture, he didn’t accept any allegations put on him, he was encountered by SSP Rao Anwar.

Social media is outraged after the incident, as they suspect it to be another case of staged murder for reward promotion. His family is still persistent that he had no affiliation with the terrorist outfits and have approached the court in this matter, what not many have the courage to do. A chat was also shared by one of Naqeeb’s friends, in which he said he wanted his son to join army once he is old.

The pictures of him, who was a budding model and aspiring actor as well, and his dead body has sparked an outrage on social media.

People are demanding that established facts and valid details need to be shared with the public, who are doubting it to be a case of provincialism and are propagating hateful feelings. If some details are too sensitive to be disclosed, they need to be at least conveyed to his family.
Here is what social media has to say about it:

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