Here is how Social Media reacted to DG internal IB threatening prominent TV Anchor Arshad Sharif

A couple of weeks back, prominent anchor Arshad Sharif leaked a DG IB letter and the list of 37 PMLN Parliamentarians which IB claimed are linked with terror outfits.

Now the DG internal IB openly threatened Arshad Sharif at Pemra hearing today for leaking this info.

In most democratic and civilized countries, authorities would ask for an investigation If they don’t agree with something but Why in Pakistan It always comes down to issuing threats like a mafia usually operates?

This was one of the most talked about topics on social media today and the majority of the people were furious about how the DG Internal IB issued threats to Arshad Sharif

(This was one of the most talked about topics on Twitter today, Check #WeStandWithArshad)

Here are the actual documents that were released

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Here is how prominent anchors and politicians reacted to the story

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