Social Media reacts to Imran Khan’s speech at 14th OIC Summit

14th OIC_Summit
Imran Khan at the 14th OIC summit with the other leaders of the Muslim world.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia to attend the three days long OIC summit. In his maiden speech, Imran Khan calls upon OIC member states to take a strong position against blasphemy. He made a strong and impassioned plea for the OIC to take a firm stand on the issue of blasphemy (an act of disrespect against the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Islam). The theme of the 14th summit of OIC was ‘Hand in Hand Towards the Future’.

PM made a direct appeal to the participants of the summit including the heads of the states, heads of the governments saying, “The OIC needs to stand for the sentiments of the Muslim world and show to the world how much love and respect we have for our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)”.

14th OIC_Summit
Imran Khan is sitting with the other heads of the states at the 14th OIC summit. He insisted the organization to become the representative of Muslims in the actual sense.

PM Imran Khan reiterated that the blasphemous acts against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the western world is the failure of the OIC for not being able to justify their love and affection for Him”. He further said, “Western world has equated Islam with terrorism which had done terrific damage to the Muslim community”.

Imran Khan said, “No religion of the world allows the brutal killing of innocents and it is high time for the world to come out of Islamophobia. The political struggle of Palestine and Kashmir is being repressed in the name of terrorism. Kashmiri people must be given their right of self-determination and Bait-ul-Muqadas ought to be the capital of Palestine. Israel must return the Golan Heights to Syria”.

People have shown tremendous response on the maiden speech of Imran Khan at the 14th OIC summit. Federal Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Nausheen responded to the Imran Khan’s speech in a tweet saying, “Imran Khan is the best leader not only of Pakistan but of the entire Muslim Ummah”. She further said that PM gave a loud and clear message to the world regarding Indian and Israeli atrocities on Muslims and falls accusations of terrorism against the Muslims.

Media and Communications Consultant Maleeha Hashmey said in her tweet regarding the today’s speech of Imran Khan saying that PM has presented Pakistan in the OIC summit like never before and the stance he presented has never been taken by any Muslim leader. PM Imran Khan made the country proud when he spoke like the leader of the whole Muslim world not only of Pakistan.

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The reaction of people was full of cheers and a big applause for the Prime Minister Imran Khan at his bold stance for the Muslims and their rights. One of them says, “Islamophobia, Kashmir, and Palestine the three most important issues were addressed. Hopefully, OIC will do something on them instead of just issuing statements”.

Another person calls it the day Muslims become human like others and start thinking about humanity, not like the narrow-minded Muslims.

Someone spoke in favor of Imran Khan’s stance against the brandishing of the Muslims saying, ” One of the best speeches. You guys must translate Imran Khan’s speech in Urdu and post it”.

Another fan Khalid Usman from Canada thanked Imran Khan for reminding the OIC of saying no to Islamophobia.


People also criticized the ex-premier of Pakistan saying, “this is the difference between parchi (paper for reading) PM and the real PM”.

“Imran Khan speech was the best in OIC, best wishes and Pakistan Zindabad”, someone responded to the tweet of PTI’s Official page. “Thank you Prime Minister for representing the sentiments of whole Pakistan at OIC. Neither let anyone blackmail you nor allow anyone to detract you from the vision of Naya Pakistan. May you succeed”, read a different tweet.


Coming across a sensible tweet that read, “What is the outcome? As usual!”. This tweet propels one to think about the real outcome of today’s summit in Makkah. Will it help in the resolution of problems confronting to Muslim Ummah and Muslims living in different parts of the world?

Is there any hope for the OIC to resolve the problems of the stranded Muslim communities? What do you foresee the role of Pakistan in the working of OIC?

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