Social Media Resists The Resolution Of Renaming QAU’s Abdus Salam Centre

Thursday: The National Assembly passed a resolution to change the name of National Centre for Physics at QAU, Quaid e Azam University. The name will be changed from the name of Professor Abdus Salam Centre for Physics to al-Khazini Department after Byzantine-origin astronomer Abu al-Fath Abd al-Rahman Mansur al-Khazini.

The resolution was initiated by Captain Retired Muhammad Safdar, grandson son-in-law of former ousted PM Nawaz Sharif. Following a heated session, Capt Safdar fired off an anti-Ahmadi argument.
Dr Abdus Salam, a renowned physics hero and Pakistan’s first Nobel laureate. Pakistani theoretical physicist received the prestigious award in the year 1979 for his contribution to the electroweak unification theory. Not only the first Pakistani, he is celebrated as the first Muslim to receive a Nobel Prize in science and the second belonging to a Muslim country after Anwar Sadat of Egypt.

However, his religious origin has been a centre of controversy, overshadowing all these achievements. Abdus Salam belonged to the discriminated and persecuted Ahmadi community, and hence not considered as a Muslim as per constitutional, social and religious boundaries in Pakistan. The controversy sparked days after BJP leader challenged the presence of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s statue in Aligarh Muslim University, sparking an outrage across India as well.

The resolution has met a lot of criticism and resistance across social media for propagating sectarianism, using religion as a tool and instigating a faith-based divide among people. It has been denounced and resisted. Here is what social media community had to say:

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