Social media users sharing funny memes on Hamid Mir’s apology

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Hamid Mir apology

Social media users have been sharing hilarious memes on Hamid Mir’s apology regarding his remarks against the Pakistan army.

The Senior jour­nalist has offered an apology over his recent speech at a protest against attacks on journalists. Mir said that he had no intention to defame Pakistan Army.

Mir said that he briefed it about his speech at a protest demonstration on the 28th of May. He said, ” I had no intention to defame the army, had high regard for the sacrifices rendered by it, and had covered army operations from Siachen to the LoC.”

Hamid Mir added that he made a speech during a protest outside the NPC against attacks on journalists. He said he was carried away after spee­ches by other speakers as he too had encountered an attack in the past.

The senior journalist said he apologized if his speech hurt the feelings of any person, adding that he had no differences with the army, nor did he name any person.

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