Social media users want to boycott Juggun Kazim’s show over ‘indecent segment’

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Juggun Kazim under fire over morning show content

TV personality and host Juggun Kazim landed herself in a major controversy after a video from the latest episode of her morning show went viral on the internet.

The show recently aired an episode that immediately drew criticism on social media and dominated the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan with the hashtag #BoycottMorningWithJuggunKazim.

A few famous TikToker were invited to the show. The video showed couples trying to eat apples that were hanging in the air with a thread, with the male partner’s hands tied at the back and the female participants pushing the fruit towards her companion’s mouth.

Netizens on social media called out the show for portraying such obscenity, saying that such indecent segments should never be shown on television in any case. It is not the first time that such obscene content has been telecasted for entertainment.

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  • Next game is men hold banans between knees and their partners peeling and then eating with touching hands? I am sure they will tell to pemra it was just a game and we didn’t thought that it would look awkward that’s why giving them idea of next game and I sure pemra would buy their argument ND fine å little

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