Social Media’s Uproar Over Bata’s Controversial Sexist Ad Is A Clear Rejection Of Cheap Marketing

Unfortunately for the sake of earning a quick buck, brands are often seen stooping low with their advertisements. Marketing ethics have truly become extinct and recently, people’s reaction has reflected that the public is not buying it anymore.

The consumer base has raised their voice against these absurd campaigns and forced the brands to take their ads down. Similar happened in this case as well where public brutally rejected these immoral marketing techniques. Famous and reputed shoe company Bata in one of their posters advertised the products with the tagline ‘Womanizer & comfortable with it’.

Not only was it inappropriate to advertise their products like that but it definitely was a quite disrespectful statement for a particular gender. However, regardless of gender, Pakistanis rose their voice against it, setting the Twitter on fire. From celebrities to general public, no one was divided over the opinion that these cheap marketing campaigns are no longer acceptable.

Bata did come up with an apology after receiving ruthless public reaction saying they are sorry for the ‘inconvenience’ caused and assured that their customer’s satisfaction is their priority. However, its hard to believe planning an advertisement involves procedural well-planned steps with not one, but many individuals involved. It is ridiculous that no one found this inappropriate.

This can actually be viewed as a final call to these brands to come up with quality when advertising products otherwise the public will not accept it.

This attitude change is positive as it shows that the public is aware of what’s right and wrong, and are no more blindly following these brand names as even their most loyal customer base has repudiated low quality.

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