Societal and policy issues that lead to recurring child abuse cases in Pakistan [VIDEO]

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The Chairperson of National Commissions on Rights of Child, Afshan Tehseen Bajwa, has highlighted societal and policy issues that lead to recurring child abuse cases in Pakistan.

In an interview with TCM, Afshan said, “There have been many incidents where children are beaten up, turned fearful, and their will is broken. They are made helpless. When their personality becomes flawed, and they feel rejected in every aspect, then they are abused as well.”

Speaking about child abuse in Madrassas, the Chairperson said, “It is unfortunate that we have kept some areas of our society untouched. If a religious person commits a crime, nobody will talk about it.”

“I have reviewed many cases where religious people have been caught by the community since the notion that such people teach the Quran is so widespread so forgive them in the name of God.”

Expressing her views on the role of parents, she said, “Parents should teach and educate their children about the bad touch and good touch. There shouldn’t be any communication barrier between children and parents.”

Afshan added, “research named ‘Cruel Numbers stated that almost 75% of the child abuse perpetrators are known people.”

In Pakistan, there is legislation regarding child abuse and corporal punishment however, the main issue is the implementation of that legislation.

She added, “It is only possible if we have an institutional framework to implement those laws.

There must be a child protection policy specified in institutions where children study and live, including rehabilitation centers, care centers, and education institutions. This policy must be implemented and run under a government-based policy.

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