Son dies after donating liver to his mother following a failed surgery at Shaikh Zayed Hospital

Umer was suffering from Hepatitis E and was not suitable to be a donar.

Another young boy has lost his life following a failed surgery at Shaikh Zayed Hospital. Umer Farooq Bajwa donated liver to his ailing mother.

His mother, Sarwat Sultana, was suffering from liver disease and was advised a transplant.
Umer opted to be his mother’s savior but lost his own life instead. The hospital is being held responsible for handling this case with negligence.

The doctors found out that Umer had Hepatitis E after the surgery. Due to his health condition, he was unfit to be a donor to his mother in the first place. Due to the sheer incompetence of the medical staff at Sheikh Zayed Hospital, they failed to diagnose it before the transplant, and he was declared ‘fit’ to be a donor.

Umer’s health declined rapidly post-transplant and was shifted on a ventilator. However, due to his critical condition, Umer survived only a week after the surgery and breathed his last on Friday.
Due to the ignorant behavior of doctors, the family might be losing two members instead of one. Sarwat Sultana is also not in a stable condition after the transplant. She also has Hepatitis that got transferred to her through her son’s liver.

It isn’t the first time something like this has occurred at Shaikh Zayed Hospital. Umer’s case is one of the third failed liver transplant cases reported at the hospital. Another patient named Naseem Bibi also went through a liver transplant at the medical facility. The woman could not survive past one week and died on the same day as Umer.

While Pakistanis are praising the son for sacrificing his life for his mother, Shaikh Zayed Hospital is in trouble for its carelessness in handling the case. The liver transplant was shut down on Friday after all three liver transplants resulted in the deaths of the patients.

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  • its alarming indeed and finally there would be no result of this case even the doctors will be cleared ..

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